How to Moisturize Cuticles at Home

Moisturizing your cuticles at home will keep them healthy.

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Whether it's due to a poor diet or dry winter weather, dry cuticles make your nails look weak and unhealthy. Because cuticles protect your nails from bacteria and fungus, you must take care of them by keeping them moisturized. Instead of spending money at a nail salon, moisturize your cuticles at home.

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Remove any traces of nail polish with a nail polish remover.


Push your cuticles back with an orangewood stick. As you push each cuticle back, move the orangewood stick in circular motions.


Heat up one-quarter cup of olive oil in a microwave. Use your fingers to massage your cuticles with olive oil.

Tips & Warnings

Don't wash your hands with water that's too hot. Wear gloves if you're gardening or cleaning the house with harmful chemicals.

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