Rebonding Cream Step

Rebonding Cream for Untreated Hair (step 1)
Rebonding Cream for Untreated Hair (step 1)
Formulated for use on untreated hair with Sun Flower Ceramide to penetrate on most stubborn hair types to give desired results that is silky soft, extra shine and naturally straight. Extra strength formulated cream for use on naturally curly and resistant hair types.

Rebonding Cream for Chemically-Treated Hair (step 1)
Rebonding Cream for Chemically-Treated Hair (step 1)
Formulated for use on chemically treated hair with Sunflower Ceramide to protect and penetrate processed hair condition. Medium strength formulation cream to give processed hair a silky straight finish with a beautiful glossy shine. size 500gr (17.65 Oz.)

Rebonding Cream for Resistant Hair (step 1)
Rebonding Cream for Resistant Hair (step 1)
This Anti - Resistant cream is formulated to penetrate resistant hair due to recent chemical processes like coloring, bleaching highlights and perming to give hair a silky straight finish with a soft texture and makes hair looks naturally shiny. size 500gr (17.65 Fl. Oz.)

Milky Neutralizer & Neutralizer Cream (step 2)
Milky Neutralizer & Neutralizer Cream (step 2)
With Hydrolyzed Milk Protein formulation, Milky and Cream as neutralizer ( step 2 ) for better absorption and enriched with necessary vitamins and conditioning agents to restore hair's original health and shine. size 500 ml (17 Fl. Oz.) 500 gr (17.65 Oz.)

Tips Makarizo Rebonding

Makarizo hair system is a comprehensive & integrated hair system that combine high quality product, latest rebonding technique and latest technology tools with hydrolyzed milk protein to keep hair on its healthiness, softness, lustrous & naturally straight.

Structuring & Hair Styles

Structuring & Hair Styles

Want to be different on different occasions? It's easy, with little change hair style, guaranteed you will get many new appearance.

Short Hair
a. Hair short cut is perfect for all forms except the box-shaped face.
b. Generally, this deduction would be good if applied to the hair straight and not too curly, both fine and medium texture.
c. For dry hair, use a hairdryer to heat being. Use a hairdryer to heat the funnel can be directly on the hair that you want to squeeze.
d. For penataannya, use hair products that work arrangement for mmbentuk hair, as t1 Makarizo Icy Style Wahcz the other to make a simple hair styled, but also contains Hydrilyzed Energizing Soy Protein that makes the hair healthy and beautiful appearance or Booster Gel for wet look.

Texture Experience Seaweed

Texture Experience Seaweed

A mild body scrub enriched with Seaweed Extract that helps to brighten your skin. Its microscrub helps to release dirt and dead skin and make the skin clean, fairer and soft.

How to Use : Take a sufficient amount of scrub cream, apply to the skin and rub gently until the dirt and dead skin exfoliated. Rinse with water.

MK3 Hair Gloss Mask

Hair Gloss Mask

A glossy hair mask with silky smooth texture penetrates very easily into the hair shaft. Hair colors will look healthier, brighter and more intense. Contains Polyquternium : works on the hair shaft and hair cuticle to maintain hair color intensity while keeping tha hair soft and healthy looking.

Polyquternium: works directly onto the cuticle of each hair stand, used to increase and maintain hair color intensity while softening the hair cuticles. Hair will look healthier and moisturized.

MK3 Hair Recovery Cream

This is a heat protecting and styling hair cream which is applied on damp hair before any flat ironing process. This smooth cream has a soft and light texture. Penetrates securely into the hair shaft for easy styling, the result is a brilliant shiny effect on both natural and colored hair. Contains Omega-6 (Gamma Orizanol Flavonoids Omega-6)

Omega-6 (Gamma Orizanol Flavonoids Omega-6):
Promotes shiny hair, and strengthens the cuticle.

MK3 Gel Conditioner

Gel Conditioner

A superb conditioner in a special gel formulation to easily penetrate the hair shaft. This product provides instant moisture balance while reinforcing the hair and promotes color intensity.
Gel Conditioner makes colored hair appear stronger, shinier and more intense. Easily penetrates the hair shaft while moisturizing and softening dry hair.

Brazil Nut Oil (Bertholletia Excelsa)

Protects hair color so it will appear shiny and intense. Formulated so easily penetrate the hair shaft and maintain moisture to dry hair while restoring hair softness.

Makarizo Deep Treatment Shampoo

Deep Treatment Shampoo

This luxurious treatment shampoo has been designed to treat both bleached hair and extremely dry hair. The action of the product is to both coat the hair cuticle eith protein which will help lock color into the cuticle.

This deep treatment shampoo also leaves the hair shiny soft and smooth.
Sesame Seeds extract: Tryptophan
- Methionine
- Cystine
Covers hair cuticles with protein so that the cuticles will lock the colour and hair becomes more shiny, soft and smooth.