How to Moisturize a Straw Set

Straw set hair is in small, tight curls.

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Straw sets are a natural tightly curled look for extremely curly hair. Straw sets were given the name because they are literally created by wrapping the hair around small drinking straws. This style requires a high level of moisturizing to prevent it from frizzing and looking puffy. The best way to moisturize a straw set is to start out with a high concentration of moisturizing styling cream and then maintain the moisture by spraying the hair with moisturizing spray daily.

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Wash the hair with moisturizing shampoo and rinse. Follow with a leave-in conditioner.


Divide the hair into ½-inch sections. Coat each section with about a pin-size drop of styling cream.


Put the hair into the straw set by twisting the ½-inch sections of hair around a drinking straw and holding in place with straw clips.


Spray the entire head with moisturizing hair mist. Heat the hair under an overhead hair dryer on medium heat for 45 minutes.


Unwrap the hair sections and spray the head with a moisturizing hair mist. Wrap the hair in a satin scarf to preserve the hairstyle while sleeping.


Spray the hair every day with moisturizing hair mist until you change the style.

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