Here are some tips to get rid of stubborn acne

Acne does not reflect that person's lack of hygiene, so do not be discouraged for the breakouts, does not mean you do not keep clean.
Here are some tips to get rid of stubborn acne:
Start with keeping the skin clean
It's easy,
  1. wash your face regularly, just 2-3 times a day using soap, do it gently to avoid irritation.
  2. Do not let your hair menutupio facial area
  3. Dirty hair can aggravate the condition of the clogged pores.
  4. Oil-ready paper in your bag whenever you face oily skin, you just wipe it clean.
  5. Balanced nutritional intake is also beneficial to help maintain healthy skin.
  6. Remove acne by using anti-acne cream to consult a doctor. Furthermore, the doctor who determines the proper acne medication, or suitable for you. Consult your acne problem to the LBC. Later LBC doctor will give medicine or therapy that suits your acne problem.
Get used to live healthy habits by avoiding certain foods that can cause acne, among others, avoid fried foods, smoking and staying up late that can help acne maximum blockage.

The cause of acne

The cause of acne, among others, caused by some of the following factors:
  1. Psychological factors or stes, although not yet confirmed or stes psychological factors often play a role as the mastermind behind the birth of acne.
  2. Genetic (hereditary), if the family whether it's your mother or father is an acne sufferer, then you could be sourced from a family genetics.
  3. Hormonal activity that is not balanced, usually can be seen from the hormonal cycles that occur in a person. These cyclical changes usually encourage increased oil glands that cause acne. Usually marked at the time of onset of menstrual acne.
  4. Buildup of dead skin cells, dead skin which will accumulate and cause clogging pores folekul, this blockage will encourage the development of acne.
  5. Bacteria in the pores of the skin, bacteria Propionini bacterium acnes (PA CNES), which is in the pores of the skin will trigger acne.

Acne or pimples is a skin disorder

Acne or pimples is a skin disorder that occurs due to abnormal skin condition caused by excessive production of oil gland disorders causing blockage of the channel folekul ynag hair and skin pores. Acne does not only arise in the face, but jarawat can also arise in the area of ​​the chest, back and shoulders. Not just teens, women often feel a pimple dewasapun.


  1. Clean the lip of the remnants of lipstick when you are traveling.
  2. Use lipbalm sbelum using lipstick, how can mnggunakan brush or can be directly applied to the lips.
  3. Be diligent eating fruit - fruit and vegetables that contain vitamins A, C and E.
  4. Do not forget, drink water, at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Beautify LIPS

Beautify LIPS
Use lipstick to the lips membuata more beautiful, but remember, avoid the usage of lipstick with bright colors and flashy. Because the color - the color that tend to absorb sunlight so it makes lips dry quickly.
In order to outline the lips look firmly, apply a lipliner. Choose a lip liner color that matches the color of natural lips. Then apply your favorite lipstick shades you are using a lip brush for more even color.


Actually a woman's beauty is not only seen from the lips alone, but rather to how the condition of their lips. Is it always looks moist and well groomed, or always looks dry, cracked and faded.
Lips are dry, peeling skin, black lips purple because tobacco is unhealthy. However perfect lip shape, if the conditions are like that, certainly will reduce a woman's beauty.
Diatandai normally healthy lips with a fresh color, ie pink or brownish orange, not dry and free from all kinds of diseases such as canker sores.
Problems lip color depending on the type of skin a person, as well as its shape, depending on where the race in question originated.
Sometimes a lot of wrong perceptions, they think that by constantly wetting his lips with saliva, then the lips will always be awake kelembabanya. Pdahal this will actually cause the lips become dry. It is most appropriate for obtaining the lips retain moisture is by applying a lip moisturizer (lipbalm) continuously. Every two hours once or every time the lips feel dry. Lipbalm is lipstick without a name that contains vitamin E which is useful to protect and moisturize lips.
In order bgibir always healthy and not easily irritated teruatama with cosmetics, then every time after using the lipstick lips should be cleaned. Process, together with the cleansing process. This is done because the use of lipstick in a long time akn make the lips become dry, especially if the lipstick used is not equipped with a moisturizer.
For treatment at home after cleaning, then oleskanlah honey evenly on the lips. MDU will help lip regenerate dead skin cells.



Not just the face alone that the heart could be a window, through all the existing bibirpun dijiwa and mind can be contained in penuh.Jadi if the face is maintained in such a way, it should also bibirpun.
Unfortunately, many people who ignore the existence of this sibibir. According to most people, without dirawatpun lips will never be broken.
For those of femininity, it is enough put on lipstick and lip gloss every time you move. Most women have never had a business and other efforts that can improve the health and beauty.

LBC Body Whitening

body care whitenig
LBC Body Whitening Pen "bright" an Entire Body
Using natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective. LBC Beautician Body Whitening done by carefully through several stages: the process of cleansing, scrub, scrub & message. Besides the effect of skin smoothness, also make skin more fresh and releks.

LBC Skin Peel of Mask

Lightherapy care LBC Skin Peel of Mask
  • Whitening Peel of Mask: mask for spots, dull skin facial & whitening
  • Acne Control Pell of Mask: mask for acne, oily skin & inflamed
  • Repair Skin Peel of Mask: mask for thin skin, sensitive, irritation & allergies
  • Oxygen Peel of Mask: mask for facial skin fresheners
  • Eye Peel of Mask: mask for the eyes make the eyes more fresh petals with lighter skin & soft

LBC Chromo-Mist

Chromo mist treatments LBC Chromo-Mist Use of Ultrasonic Chromo Mist in skin care is very helpful rengkaian effectiveness of drug action. Premises combination of red and blue light and ultrasound that produces negative ions to treat skin to keep it beautiful and ageless. Chromo Ultrasonic Mist, among others, stimulate regeneration of skin cells, tissue production, Collagen skin, kill bacteria, as well as making the skin becomes relaxed and refreshed.

LBC Super Peel

Super Peel treatment LBC Super Peel One product that peels from the LBC has a wide range of applications at different depths in the skin jaringa. Effective for various skin problems, both facial and body skin. Among others: Spots, Pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, dull skin, rough and dry, as well as addressing aging skin, etc.

LBC Hi-Fruit Acid Peel Peel & Beauty

prawatan Hi-Fruit Acid LBC Hi-Fruit Acid Peel Peel & Beauty Actions that use fruit extract produced by high technology, which is formulated into an effective ingred

LBC Lifting

Lifting prawatan LBC Lifting Design technologies that work by increasing skin elasticity are starting to relax tertama skin due to aging. Lifting effective menatasi: Kekerutan (anti aging), the Expression line, etc..

LBC Microcurrent

microcurent care LBC Microcurrent Skin tightening technology that helps reduce signs of aging, through the activation mechanisms of chemical reactions within the cell that serves spur the production of Collagen and Elastin tissue, improving blood circulation, and helps the penetration of the skin (iontophoresis). Effectively address the problems: wrinkles (Wrinkle), smile lines (fine line), acne, etc.. Research conducted at the University of Washington, USA, Microcurrent technology able to spur production by 14% Collagen, Elastin 48, as well as blood circulation increase of 38%.


Oxyskin care LBC OXY-Skin The technology uses OXY-Skin Liquid Base O2 network that serves to stimulate the formation of Collagen and Elastin in the dermis to tighten the skin. Effective for:
  • Pimple
  • Eye bags
  • Large skin surface
  • Wrinkled
  • Premature aging
  • Kulut slack, etc.

LBC Microdermabrsion

perawatanMicrodermabrasi LBC Microdermabrsion The technology developed by experts of the German Dermatology effective help to overcome the facial skin, among others:
  • Acne scars & Pockmark
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Large skin surface
  • Flek
  • Blackheads
  • Skin tightening & Overcoming premature aging
Lightherapy care LBC Light Therapy Technologies that harness the magic of light Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue to overcome a variety of skin problems. The doctor will determine the type of light that will be used in accordance with the patient's skin problems.
among others:
  • Pe "juvenile" the skin
  • Flek
  • Pimple
  • Skin wrinkles
  • Sensitive, etc.

Without Needle Meso-LBC

Mesoterapi care Without Needle

Without Needle Meso-LBC Is one action mesotherapy without needles, using a technique that allows the penetration of drug elekrtoporasi reaches a certain depth below the skin surface with a convenient, easy, fast and does not cause redness diwajah.
Effective address:
  • Eye bags
  • Flek (Melasma)
  • Facial toning (lifting)
  • Whiten the face, etc.

Types of London Beauty Care Centre

Mesoterapi needle treatment LBC Mesotheraphy One of the medical action to various skin problems, among others:
  • Mesomelasma / Mesofilt (Eliminates spots)
  • Mesoglow (pen "bright" an)
  • Mesoalocipecia (Overcoming hair bald head)
  • Mesostretchmark (Eliminate stretch marks)
  • Mesocellulite (Eliminate Cellulite)
  • Mesolipo & Body sculpting (Destroy fat)

Anti dandruff shampoo for Oily Scalp

Anti dandruff shampoo for Oily Scalp
Anti dandruff shampoo for Oily Scalp
Contains Piroctone Olamine as anti dandruff. Sebaryl to regulate oil glands on scalp, to repair & strengthen hair structure. size 110 ml (3.7 Fl. Oz.)
VORSATZ Intensive Care Shampoo A2
VORSATZ Intensive Care Shampoo A2
Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen that effectively proven to repair damaged hair and DL-Ethyl Panthenol to nourish, to boost hair�s shine, and to protect hair against excessive outer influence. size 110 ml (3.7 Fl. Oz.)

Scalp Balance Serum

Scalp Balance Serum
Contains Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi for anti dandruff and anti irritation control. Thyme for anti microbial effects on scalp. Sebaryl for regulating oil glands on scalp, to repair and strengthen hair structure. size 30 ml (1.03 Fl. Oz.)
Anti-Dandruff shampoo for dry/flaking scalp for Normal Hair
Anti-Dandruff shampoo for dry/flaking scalp for Normal Hair
Contains Piroctone Olamine for anti-dandruff control. Bispyrithione & Magnesium Sulfate to fight against fungus causing dandruff. size 110 ml (3.7 Fl. Oz.)

Scalp Nutrient Cream

Scalp Nutrient Cream
Scalp Nutrient Cream
Contains Sunflower Seed Extract effectively reducing irritation and dandruff. Tea Tree Oil as antiseptic against bacterial and fungus that can produce dandruff. Copaifera Officinalis (Balsam Copaiba) & Resin Bertholletia Excelsa Seed Oil to moisten dry scalp, reducing irritation and dandruff. size 20 ml (0.68 Fl. Oz.)

Product for Vorstz


Product for Vorstz hairloss-dandruff treatment system
100% Natural-
Based Ingredients

100.000 folicle
need nutritions supply
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The Very Basics Of Acne And How To Cure Pimples

The impact of acne on any human is usually quite dramatic. As well as the visual impact it has on the skin, the urge to itch causes great discomfort and the person can lose practically all self-confidence.
Acne is no laughing matter and it is especially important to make sure you don't get it in the first place, as it is very difficult to get rid of. Many people believe that acne is age-related, but this is completely false, as I will explain later.
Arming yourself with knowledge about acne and how it develops is essential and in this article I will explain all of this, so that you can know the basics of acne. It is very difficult to cure pimples once they have developed, but if you are already suffering there is a cure out there!
What Causes Acne?
For anyone who truly believes that only teenagers suffer acne, may this article be a bucket of water that washes that theory away. Acne is not age-related, nor is it a hereditary condition. There are in fact a whole lot of reasons why acne can occur, stress is in fact a big factor. But whatever the cause, the next steps are purely biological.
Acne is caused when oily skin attracts bacteria, which survives by feeding on dead skin cells and spreads. They clog up your pores and irritate your skin, leaving your face itchy and sore.
What Will Make It Go Away?
There are a number of different ways to cure pimples and get rid of acne for good. Some of the best ways are in natural, homemade remedies involving certain herbs. You can also get a whole host of products that claim to cure it in various different ways. As well as this, there are many different ways to deal with the pain caused by acne.
It really helps to have a healthy lifestyle if you're going to fight it. Chances are if you've developed acne you might not be living healthy enough. Maybe you're body isn't getting enough sleep. Maybe you're not eating healthy. Maybe you're too dehydrated. Smoking, alcohol and drugs all have their own negative impact as well.
Acne is really difficult to get rid of once it has developed, so that's why it is important that you don't get it in the first place. However, as you can see from the last point, there is hope. You just have to find out what works best for your individual case, and make changes to your lifestyle if you're not living a healthy enough lifestyle.

Best Acne Advice

Best Acne Advice

It seems finding acne treatments that work is becoming very difficult. There are some great treatments for acne out there buy unfortunately everyone and their dog seems to claim their solution fits best.

This is one of the reasons I created this website; to sort through all the B.S. and do the necessary research for myself...for my readers.

If you have arrived here after exhausted efforts to cure your acne, then no doubt you have heard the B.S I'm talking about.

Here on natural health remedies we do things differently. We have only one goal in mind from the outset; and that is to sift through all the crap and get down to the facts; "what bloody treatments are best...period"

Okay let's get started shall we:

First off, I'm not going to give you a rundown of what Acne is, why you have it or blah blah blah. If you have acne then I don't need to tell you what the bloody hell it know that already, besides, we are just focusing today on acne treatments that work.

The Absolute Best Remedy:

Okay, I know that you may have been looking for a magical solution to your acne problems, but let me tell you something; you can get rid of your acne with many treatments but if you want it to stay away forever, then you MUST change your diet and look after your skin beforehand.

The following list is compulsory on your quest, it is the holy grail of acne cure and anybody that tells you any different are either trying to sell you a product or are not as well informed as they think they are.

· Eat Healthy
· Wash your hands regularly
· Watch your stress levels
· Make sure to get enough sleep
· Exercise often and wash straight afterwards

Now the above 5 things may not seem like the solution for you for whatever reasons but it is imperative that you follow those steps, after all, you came here looking for acne treatments that work and that is exactly what is provided.

The next step in the process:

Home Remedy:

The very first place you should begin your treatment is at home. Home treatments are as good, and in some cases even better than any remedy you can find on the store shelf or at your local pharmacy. All our writers on this website firmly believe in natural remedies and through experience we have found this to be proven time and again.

Opening and working with your backed up pores:

This is the first step and to do this effectively you can stand in a hot steamy shower for 15 minutes or lay a hot washcloth around the affected area for about 10 minutes.

Next, clean off oil and any dead skin whilst killing any acne bacteria:

There are a couple of ways this can be done effectively. Never use soap at this stage as of the process as this can dry your skin diminishing the overall effect of this process. Instead, use a face wash like

Dove or even plain water will do. Once you have completed this process you want to rinse the affected area with warm water, then cool water to close the open pores. Make sure to pat scrubbing.

It's time now to kill off access bacteria:

Go get yourself a cotton ball and some aspirin tablets. Now, crush two tablets into a bowl of water and let them dissolve. Use the cotton ball to apply the dissolved aspirin onto the affected area making sure to only pat, no rubbing.

This process can be repeated once or twice a day and should clear most moderate outbreaks of acne. It is very important to not let your face dry out whilst performing this treatment.

Avoid touching the affected area as much as you can and never burst any pimples as this can lead to further infection. If you follow the above two steps to the letter then you will begin to see dramatic changes...period.

Find the best treatments and advice over at Natural Health Remedies. All ailments reviewed from Natural remedies for hot flashes right on up to treatment for boils, weight loss, sleeping disorders among others. The best advice...period!