Hair Trend Glowing Red Makarizo

Bold and different, is the image that we will have for red hair trend this year. 2011 is the year where many women begin to explore bright colors boldly to express themselves. An open personality, dare to appear differently and full of spirits, characterized an edgy personality.

Red is basically suitable for any skin tone. Red series from Mahogany - Light Mahogany Irise Chestnut 5.52, or Red series of Light Flame Red Chestnut 5.6 and Light Intense Red Chestnut 5.60 coupled with violet, gives an impression of someone with active and edgy personality yet still look feminine, suit with the Tranquility.

While for red with orange gradation from Red series -  Intense Red Blond 7.60, Irise Rd Blond 7.62 or Deep Red Blond 7.66 will be the preference for the Enthusiastic which full of confidence and want to look sexy, lure and draw attention.

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