Hair Trend Glowing Red Makarizo

Bold and different, is the image that we will have for red hair trend this year. 2011 is the year where many women begin to explore bright colors boldly to express themselves. An open personality, dare to appear differently and full of spirits, characterized an edgy personality.

Red is basically suitable for any skin tone. Red series from Mahogany - Light Mahogany Irise Chestnut 5.52, or Red series of Light Flame Red Chestnut 5.6 and Light Intense Red Chestnut 5.60 coupled with violet, gives an impression of someone with active and edgy personality yet still look feminine, suit with the Tranquility.

While for red with orange gradation from Red series -  Intense Red Blond 7.60, Irise Rd Blond 7.62 or Deep Red Blond 7.66 will be the preference for the Enthusiastic which full of confidence and want to look sexy, lure and draw attention.

Fairy Gold makarizo

Gold gives an impression of cheerfulness, racy, full of confidence, and also sexy, where it's common to find that most of people in particularly have an Enthusiastic personality will like those colors.

For 2011, the hair trend for gold is tend to be blonde, harmonized with pastel colors and brings out a cool classic look. Gold will be one of the most likely colors for Asians, for instance from Light Golden Chestnut 5.3, that is a bit darker for Tranquility, to the Irise Golden Blond from the same series which is a lot lighter for Enthusiastic.

These colors are suitable for Asian skin tone, colors that reflected cheerfulness, fresh, and confidence.

Makarizo Hair Trend 2011

Starting with the theme "Energia....Enthusiastic and Tranquility",  MAKARIZO interprets 2011 hair trend with an inspiration which comes from the immortality of energy that can create a creative style with a high splendor for each side of character. Enthusiastic, represent a bubbly personality who passionate in joy and always vibrant in every moves, while Tranquility reflected serenity, pacifist, and silence in welfare.

Cutting and Styling form of Enthusiast are luxurious and edgy where straight-short hair will be one of the options to show the personality for those who like challenge, unique and full of confidence. Besides that, long wavy hair can be simply done by letting the wave unravel naturally, so that the natural sexiness will be fused with a dare to be different personality.

For Tranquility, classy and eternity are the red threads. Kind of straight-short hair which combined with asymmetrical fringe makes it looks icy and sharp as if it affirms a hidden identity behind the serenity. While for long hairstyle, Tranquility pick out a classic straight long lock which reflect the strength of suavity.

How about the hair colors? Hair color is a necessary component for having an exquisite total look for each character. A suitable color selection makes a solid self portfolio. Fairy Gold, Glowing Red, Stream Copper, and Fierce Brown from CONCEPT Advance Hair Color series are predicted to be the hair color trend in 2011 which will intensify the sensitivity of inspiration and creativity.

Makarizo Hair Show MIST 2011

A spectacular International event is about to be held again by MAKARIZO this year with MAKARIZO International Salon Tour 2011 (MIST 2011). The biggest event in hairdressing world will be held on 9th - 13th of May 2011 and will take place in two countries, Malaysia and Singapore. This latest trend hair show will be presented in a concept of edutainment paired with a fascinating holiday trip around both countries.

This meaningful event embraces a noble purpose which is MAKARIZO and hundreds of international salon's professionals work together as a team to advance the world of hairdressing.

This proves that MAKARIZO sincerely and consistently held a splendid event in order to educate the latest hair trend to salon�s professionals. Surely these have made MAKARIZO as a trendsetter for hair trend and also encourage the improvement for hair and salon industry, then become a new reference for the latest international hair trend.  

Series of fascinating events are prepared by Makarizo to present an unforgettable view. The hair show, which will be held on Monday night, May 9th, at Grand Lagoon Ballroom, will dedicate the latest trend of 2011 from Makarizo, Energia - Tranquility and Enthusiastic. World class hairdresser from Australia, Ukraine, and Brazil will perform this newest trend which inspired by ENERGIA.

Dressed with Indonesia's top designer pieces and decorated beautifully with multi media attraction will set off this spectacular hair show. The show will be run in a stage of 20 meters long with top class model will swaying over the runway in Deden Siswanto's apparel.

12 Artistic Team Makarizo along with 7 international hairdresser such as Iryna Zaitseva and Oksana Nechyporuk (ICD Ukraine), Mauricio Pina and Miguel Estelrich (ICD Brazil), Vikki Brown, Judith Dierden, and Lisa Polini (Australia) fully collaborated with energy. These international hairdressers will perform with their best performance then will become even more outstanding when such reliable choreographer like Ari Tulang gives his most attractive show. Supported by a massive visual view, a 50 x 6 meters screen fills half of the circular hall with 9 projectors to create magnificent ambience. Not to mention 14 of Indonesian dancers and 9 Malaysian dancers who will melt and fused in one breathe of Energia.

Total look of model's faces are created by a unique touch from a top class make up artist, Qiqi Franky. His name already well known since Qiqi Franky has worked through entertainment world, electronic media, movies, and world class stages. The fanfare of MIST 2011 will also be continued and closed with an after party at Borneo Club as part of the Energia journey which full of passion and spirit in 2011 hair trend.

Hair Energy with Aloe Vera Extract for Normal Hair

Contains Aloe Vera Extract that gives nutrition to the hair. It gives a refreshing sensation to the scalp and helps promote hair growth. It leaves hair with a shiny natural glow.

Formulated for hair that has undergone chemical processes like rebonding, perming, coloring and bleaching.Kiwi extract is useful to give hair the nutrition it needs for chemically treated hair. It also acts as an antioxidant that protects hair.

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Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract for Rebonded, Colored and Permed Hair

Formulated for hair that has undergone chemical processes like rebonding, perming, coloring and bleaching.Kiwi extract is useful to give hair the nutrition it needs for chemically treated hair.

It also acts as an antioxidant that protects hair.
Kiwi extracts contains Vitamin C, E and Kalium to keep moisture of the hair balanced and leaves hair shiny and soft to the touch.

Anti Aging Hair Creambath

Anti Aging Hair Creambath

Hair is like a skin, can also experience aging process.
Most people understand that this process only happen to old people and in the form of gray hair. However, the case is not always like that this process can happen to any age level, even to young people.

Made especially for dry and damaged hair caused naturally by the ultra heat rays of the sun or by the use of heating tools/equipments and styling products. The Royal Jelly helps to strengthen and revive the hair roots. It preserves moisture and maintains the elasticity of hair. It keeps hair from being overly dry, broken, and prevents discolor...

The 'No make-up' Make-up Tutorial

Clinique Smoothing Concealer 04 Brush from Real Techniques
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Shadow pencil in lit
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Real Techniques Brush Groomer
Chanel Loose powder
MAC studio finish Concealer as contour
Urban Decay highlighter in Sin
Bobbi Brown natural brow shaper
Neils Yard Clear Gloss

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Manufacturers make a lot of package claims to "sell" the product. Interpret and understand the ingredients.A variety of ingredients chemical names that only a cosmetic chemist can understand. The book, dying to look good, make it easy for you to choose products with safe and healthy ingredients. Choose products without parabens.Stay away from products containing amines.

Chemicals included in this category can be combined with materials nitro-amine form nitrosamines, which cause cancer. Some of the amines commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products are Cocaine MEA, Cocaine DEA, TEA, sodium lauroyal arccosine methyl propane and amino acids. Many of the formaldehyde releasing preservatives are hydroxymethylglycinate sodium Quanternium-15, DMDM hydration and urea diazonlidnyl.

Clear of products containing talc SSL.Be careful of products containing fragrance.Manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients used fragrances. Fragrances may also contain chemicals that cause cancer. Although products can be scented perfume without adding masking unpleasant odors.

Most coal tar colors are possible carcinogens and pollutants may be carcinogenic and cause allergic reactions. Beware of products containing chemical preservatives. Attention "and other ingredients."Beware of products with long ingredient lists.