How to Avon Beauty Center Business Plan

Beautiful Avon Centre Business Plan gives you a process to assess the profitability of your Avon beauty center, increases the process of site selection and form the basis of a loan application. Representatives serve four-ways with a beauty license: retail sales of new customers, sales brochure, recruitment and the halo effect of the visibility of retail and consumer awareness of your company in total direct sales. Here are the essential parts of the business plan licensed Avon Beauty Center, which will help you win new customers and increase revenue.

Choosing a location

One of the main ways to generate traffic to your retail business is selecting the right place. Avon approve the selection and can also help you decide. You should look for sites that have 100 000 of population within 5-10 miles, the population with 20% or more of women aged 18 to 44, a minimum of two area shopping mall, and an average household income $ 30-50K. Check your local chamber of commerce to free homes and population data.

Once you find a shopping center, you must balance the opportunity costs and risks, looking at the tenant, occupancy levels, tenant mix, visibility, quality and power.

Given the space, look at the layout, the competition and the proposed charter. Real estate company can often help to evaluate the terms of lease, the contractor may propose improvements, and it may be wise to have an attorney to review the plans before the finish line.

Business start-up costs

The holder of the Avon business center is responsible for the development of space. There is no fee for a license to have at this time. Representatives in the order recommended by the managers of the division and district and approved by its regional vice president may apply.

The Beauty Centre products are monitored in a separate account and all purchases are guaranteed for more than 50% of the cost results. Applicants must be credit card Paymentech.

The two major monthly expenses will be the lease payments and actual costs. Advertising is more. Start-up costs including the first month's rent, legal certificates, insurance, cash register, processing equipment credit card, telephone and other equipment from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 depending on the amount of the lease. In addition, the proposed opening of the price of $ 15,000 customer kiosks. Avon offers credit 60/120 days to minimize the costs of forward and publish a list of most popular products for sale.

Avon offers a retaliatory signage, visual merchandising department, testers, samples, sales aids, training manuals and videos, and other accessories starts. Avon also offers customer support in each branch.


Well trained, competent staff is a key factor in the success of her beauty center of the Avon business plan because the staff will build your business and develop a loyal clientele. A beauty industry is the core business, transactional and holidays so it is essential that the representative and staff with expertise knowledge to detail the schedule of retail, and the program accordingly. The smallest is about customer relationships, long hours and great staff.

Referring to the basic ingredients of Business Plan Beauty Center Avon in its planning, it is understood the key aspects that help create and manage their new center from the beginning.

Small business owners and franchisees has been fantastic opportunity online to find companies with less risk and overhead than traditional companies, the freedom to manage time pressure and penetration of the international market.

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