Makarizo Hair Trend 2011

Starting with the theme "Energia....Enthusiastic and Tranquility",  MAKARIZO interprets 2011 hair trend with an inspiration which comes from the immortality of energy that can create a creative style with a high splendor for each side of character. Enthusiastic, represent a bubbly personality who passionate in joy and always vibrant in every moves, while Tranquility reflected serenity, pacifist, and silence in welfare.

Cutting and Styling form of Enthusiast are luxurious and edgy where straight-short hair will be one of the options to show the personality for those who like challenge, unique and full of confidence. Besides that, long wavy hair can be simply done by letting the wave unravel naturally, so that the natural sexiness will be fused with a dare to be different personality.

For Tranquility, classy and eternity are the red threads. Kind of straight-short hair which combined with asymmetrical fringe makes it looks icy and sharp as if it affirms a hidden identity behind the serenity. While for long hairstyle, Tranquility pick out a classic straight long lock which reflect the strength of suavity.

How about the hair colors? Hair color is a necessary component for having an exquisite total look for each character. A suitable color selection makes a solid self portfolio. Fairy Gold, Glowing Red, Stream Copper, and Fierce Brown from CONCEPT Advance Hair Color series are predicted to be the hair color trend in 2011 which will intensify the sensitivity of inspiration and creativity.

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