Your Cosmetics and Personal Care Products - How to Make Sure They're Safe

Selects the security products can be a daunting task without the knowledge and tools. Many packaging products are designed to make you falsely believe the product inside the package is herbal, all natural, safe and gentle, when in fact the product contains little or no natural ingredients or herbal, is contaminated with carcinogens and skin irritants. Read the ingredients on the label.

Manufacturers make a lot of package claims to "sell" the product. Interpret and understand the ingredients.A variety of ingredients chemical names that only a cosmetic chemist can understand. The book, dying to look good, make it easy for you to choose products with safe and healthy ingredients. Choose products without parabens.Stay away from products containing amines.

Chemicals included in this category can be combined with materials nitro-amine form nitrosamines, which cause cancer. Some of the amines commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products are Cocaine MEA, Cocaine DEA, TEA, sodium lauroyal arccosine methyl propane and amino acids. Many of the formaldehyde releasing preservatives are hydroxymethylglycinate sodium Quanternium-15, DMDM hydration and urea diazonlidnyl.

Clear of products containing talc SSL.Be careful of products containing fragrance.Manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients used fragrances. Fragrances may also contain chemicals that cause cancer. Although products can be scented perfume without adding masking unpleasant odors.

Most coal tar colors are possible carcinogens and pollutants may be carcinogenic and cause allergic reactions. Beware of products containing chemical preservatives. Attention "and other ingredients."Beware of products with long ingredient lists.

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