LBC Microcurrent

microcurent care LBC Microcurrent Skin tightening technology that helps reduce signs of aging, through the activation mechanisms of chemical reactions within the cell that serves spur the production of Collagen and Elastin tissue, improving blood circulation, and helps the penetration of the skin (iontophoresis). Effectively address the problems: wrinkles (Wrinkle), smile lines (fine line), acne, etc.. Research conducted at the University of Washington, USA, Microcurrent technology able to spur production by 14% Collagen, Elastin 48, as well as blood circulation increase of 38%.

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  1. Acupuncture is an ancient art of healing; it is widely popular throughout the world now it is adopted as an alternative therapy. Now microcurrent replaces the acupuncture. Microcurrent is the best way for pain treatment and facelift rejuvenation.