Actually a woman's beauty is not only seen from the lips alone, but rather to how the condition of their lips. Is it always looks moist and well groomed, or always looks dry, cracked and faded.
Lips are dry, peeling skin, black lips purple because tobacco is unhealthy. However perfect lip shape, if the conditions are like that, certainly will reduce a woman's beauty.
Diatandai normally healthy lips with a fresh color, ie pink or brownish orange, not dry and free from all kinds of diseases such as canker sores.
Problems lip color depending on the type of skin a person, as well as its shape, depending on where the race in question originated.
Sometimes a lot of wrong perceptions, they think that by constantly wetting his lips with saliva, then the lips will always be awake kelembabanya. Pdahal this will actually cause the lips become dry. It is most appropriate for obtaining the lips retain moisture is by applying a lip moisturizer (lipbalm) continuously. Every two hours once or every time the lips feel dry. Lipbalm is lipstick without a name that contains vitamin E which is useful to protect and moisturize lips.
In order bgibir always healthy and not easily irritated teruatama with cosmetics, then every time after using the lipstick lips should be cleaned. Process, together with the cleansing process. This is done because the use of lipstick in a long time akn make the lips become dry, especially if the lipstick used is not equipped with a moisturizer.
For treatment at home after cleaning, then oleskanlah honey evenly on the lips. MDU will help lip regenerate dead skin cells.

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