The cause of acne

The cause of acne, among others, caused by some of the following factors:
  1. Psychological factors or stes, although not yet confirmed or stes psychological factors often play a role as the mastermind behind the birth of acne.
  2. Genetic (hereditary), if the family whether it's your mother or father is an acne sufferer, then you could be sourced from a family genetics.
  3. Hormonal activity that is not balanced, usually can be seen from the hormonal cycles that occur in a person. These cyclical changes usually encourage increased oil glands that cause acne. Usually marked at the time of onset of menstrual acne.
  4. Buildup of dead skin cells, dead skin which will accumulate and cause clogging pores folekul, this blockage will encourage the development of acne.
  5. Bacteria in the pores of the skin, bacteria Propionini bacterium acnes (PA CNES), which is in the pores of the skin will trigger acne.

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