Homemade Soap With Sunscreen

Soap with sunscreen is usually made with eco-friendly, organic and essential oils.

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Soap with sunscreen is soap that is fortified with various types of oils and sun protection ingredients to provide extra protection for the skin. Therefore, the soap cleans the skin while providing long-lasting sun protection, even after it is washed off in the shower. Sunscreen soap is often made at home or by independent soap and beauty product companies.

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Soap with sunscreen starts out as regular, organic soap that does not contain harsh chemicals. Organic soap is made via the process of saponification, which involves mixing organic and essential oils with lye (i.e., water and sodium hydroxide). The lye and oils are mixed at a specific temperature until they becomes thick. During this stage, herbs and natural colorings are added to enhance the soap's fragrance and aesthetic appeal. The mixture is then poured into a mold and left to cure (i.e., left at room temperature) for three to four weeks.

Adding Sunscreen to Soap

Homemade, organic soap can be fortified with a mixture of sesame, avocado and jojoba oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, soy lecithin, aloe vera gel and borax powder to give it sun protection qualities. Various fragrances, such as rose or lavender water, can be added to create a pleasing smell.

Benefits of Soap With Sunscreen

has many benefits for the skin. Homemade, organic soap is eco friendly because it is made with organic materials and essential oils that are produced through organic farming. Soap with sunscreen is also beneficial because it enables users to protect their skin from the sun by simply using soap during their showers or baths, eliminating the need to layer on greasy sunscreens. The soap also eliminates sunscreen smells, substituting a light, floral fragrance instead.

Types of Soap With Sunscreen

is usually made in bar form. However, organic beauty companies also sell organic sunscreen soap in liquid and gel forms. The liquid form is ideal for use in kitchens or in bathrooms. The shower gel, which is great for use with a loofa, creates a heavy lather and emits a pleasant, fragrant smell.

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