How to Add Coconut Milk to Bubble Bath

Relax and recharge in a luxurious bubble bath.

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Relaxing in a steamy bubble bath can help relieve bodily stress and loosen tight muscles. Bubble baths can be even more nourishing when enhanced with other ingredients, such as coconut milk. Coconut milk is used to moisturize skin, kill bacteria and get rid of acne. Simply pour the coconut milk into the bubble bath to get the benefits of both coconut milk and the bubbles, or create the ultimate soothing bath by combining the milk with oatmeal, essential oils and other ingredients that ease you into blissful relaxation.

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Clean out the bathtub thoroughly before and after your bath to eliminate any lingering soap or soap scum.


Cut a hole into a whole coconut with a screwdriver or hammer and let the milk drain into a container. If you don't have a whole coconut, you can use store-bought coconut milk. You'll want to use at least 1 cup.


Add 1 cup of oatmeal to a blender. Blend the oatmeal until it has a powdery consistency. Then, add 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of almond oil and 1 cup of coconut milk. Blend the ingredients and then pour the mixture into a container that you can carry to the bathtub.


Turn the bathtub water on and adjust the temperature to your liking. Pour the coconut milk mixture slowly into the water. Move the water around with your hands to make sure it's thoroughly blended and dissolved.


Mix 6 cups of water with 6 cups of castile soap. Castile soap is usually made from vegetable and hemp oils. Add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture and blend well.


Pour the mixture into the bathtub. It should create a bubble bath under the hot water.


Turn on some soothing music and light a few candles to enhance the relaxing atmosphere. Put a book or magazine and a cool drink or glass of wine where you can reach it while you're in the tub.


Get into the bathtub and enjoy soak in the nourishing and relaxing bubbles. Place a towel under your head so you can lean back and relax.Take in the scents of the essential oils, close your eyes and unwind.

Tips & Warnings

Make more of the coconut milk concoction and rub the leftover milk on parts of your skin that need the most moisturizing.

Use a container that is not easily breakable, since the container may slip and fall in the bathroom.

Consider using other ingredients , such as salts, soaks, scrubs and a sea sponge.

If you do not want to make the bubble bath concoction yourself, you can buy a premade product.

When you buy a coconut milk product, check the ingredients to see what other substances are in the product. If the coconut milk is not high on the list of ingredients, the product does not likely have much coconut milk.

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