DIY Blotting Paper

Tissue paper is useful for more than just wrapping gifts.

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Blotting paper is a useful accessory to have throughout the day when you can't go home to refresh your face. Carry a few sheets in your pocket, bookbag or purse to use at work or at school for a midday pick-me-up to get rid of the oily sheen that appears naturally. Oils are constantly being manufactured by your skin. Hot weather adds to the problem when sweat gets thrown into the mix. Blotting paper cuts down the shine and makes skin appear healthier.

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Stack your toilet seat covers. Fold them over until the stack is about 1/2-inch thick, about as thick as you want your paper to cut it easily. You can also use rice paper or white tissue paper normally used for gift wrapping.


Cut the stacks of seat covers into rectangles about 2-by-3 inches. Adjust the size of the paper according to the size of your tin.


Wash the mint residue from a used mint tin and dry thoroughly with a paper towel. Line the tin with wax paper. Place stacks of cut powdered or unpowdered blotting paper in the tin. Keep the tin in your bag or purse, and replenish the supply of papers when you start to run low.

Tips & Warnings

Sprinkle a small amount of face powder on the paper if you wish, so your blotting paper can do double duty as a blotter and powder.

If you don't have a mint tin, any small rectangular box will work.

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