How to Bottle Lotion

Print this articleWhether you make lotion from a kit or find a good recipe that uses natural ingredients, creating your own natural moisturizer will be rewarding to your skin, your budget and the environment. You will have lustrous skin without the chemicals and additives of commercial lotions. You can also share your unique creations with friends and relatives for birthdays and holidays. First, you need to choose from several methods for filling bottles with lotion efficiently and with minimal mess and waste.

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Cut the corner off a standard sandwich bag and use it to funnel your lotion into the bottle. By using the baggy, you can determine the size of the opening and can use the flexibility of the plastic to squeeze the lotion into the bottle.


Use a disposable icing bag to fill your bottle. The long tip helps the lotion-filled bag reach the bottom of the bottle more easily so you can fill from the bottom to the top, doing away with the necessity of tapping frequently to remove air bubbles.


Squeeze the lotion into the bottle using a reusable squeeze bottle with a tip narrow enough to fit into the tops of your bottles.


Funnel your lotion into the bottle with a kitchen funnel. Use a spatula to help push the lotion down into the tip of the funnel.

Tips & Warnings

To allow room for additional lotion, tap the bottle when it is nearly full to remove air pockets.

The lotion's quality will last approximately six months if the ingredients are natural.

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