How to Make Homemade Bath Fizzies for Kids

Bath fizzies can be scented or dyed to add your personal touch.

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Most children do not enjoy the idea of taking a bath, but they do enjoy playing around in the bathtub. Bath fizzies, water toys and bubble bath can help motivate your child to look forward to bath time. An activity such as making homemade bath fizzies may have your child asking to take a bath all on her own, so that she can use the bath fizzies that she made. Making bath fizzies at home is inexpensive and the ingredients the bath fizzies require are non-toxic and safe for most users. Even adults may enjoy using the final product.

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Combine one part citric acid with two parts baking soda in a mixing bowl.


Mix the citric acid and the baking soda together with a kitchen mixer until well-blended. If you do not have a kitchen mixer, you can mix the ingredients by hand.


Add colorant and fragrance oil to the citric acid and baking soda mixture, if desired. Follow the instructions on both packages to ensure the bath fizzies come out the proper color and fragrance potency that you desire.


Stir the mixture again.


Pour witch hazel into a spray bottle.


Spray the mixture, while it is mixing, until it is sticky. Stop spraying immediately once the mixture sticks together. Too much witch hazel will cause the mixture to begin to fizz.


Scoop the mixture into the multi-mold pan. Pack the mixture into the molds as tightly as possible. The size and shape of the molds depends on the size and shape of the bath fizzies that you desire.


Leave the fizzies in the mold pan a few minutes, until they have begun to harden.


Lay out a piece of wax paper and then turn the mold over and tap the bottom of the pan until the fizzies come out.


Let the bath fizzies sit for at least three to four hours to harden.

Tips & Warnings

Test the fragrance oil before mixing it into the bath fizzie mixture by putting one or two drops on a cotton ball and smelling it. This gives you the opportunity to check that the fragrance is to your liking before adding it to an entire batch of bath fizzies.

Some children and adults may have sensitive skin or suffer from skin allergies; do not use colorant or fragrance oils because a reaction may occur.

Children and adults should not use these bath fizzies if they have an allergy to witch hazel.

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