How to Get Oil-Free Skin Naturally

Try soaps or cleansers that are slightly medicated or labeled “antibacterial.”

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Think of the fun you’ll have the next time someone sees you in the kitchen, mixing ingredients in a bowl, and assumes you’re making something good to eat. They’ll have it half right, as you will be mixing something good to treat your oily skin. Besides the fun you’ll have experimenting with natural treatments, you’ll also be spared the expense and confusion of shopping for store-bought oily skin treatments. You may be surprised to find that natural treatments work better, as long as you remember to cleanse your face first.

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Wash your face at least once a day and ideally twice before trying one of the natural remedies below. Oil can trap dirt, grease and other particles, which in turn can clog pores and lead to breakouts.


Find a good exfoliating cleanser and rub it gently into your skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells – and oil.


Try to use warm or, better yet, hot water when you cleanse your face, as it will break down oil better than cool or cold water.


Purchase cosmetics and facial products that are specially formulated for oily skin. They can make a difference.


Apply liquid makeup sparingly and always use an “oily skin” variety. Liquid makeup can clog your pores and contribute to breakouts.


Get in the habit of applying a mud or clay mask at least twice a week. The mask absorbs oil from your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed.


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