How to Scrub Dead Skin Off the Body Safely

Exfoliating will leave your skin feeling refreshed.

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Scrubbing dead skin off your body is an often overlooked aspect of one’s self-hygiene routine. Skin cells die constantly on areas all over your body, and if they are left on the body they can clog pores on your skin, which causes pimples and other skin problems. Therefore, it is a good idea to scrub your skin with an exfoliator a couple times every month.

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Rinse your body thoroughly in a shower or bath with warm water.


Apply the exfoliator or scrub of your choice to the areas of the body from which you want to scrub off the dead skin. Exfoliators and scrubs vary in cost and ingredients. Some are contained within body washes that also contain skin moisturizers or other balms like aloe. In general, though, all the scrubs that remove dead skin contain ingredients that exfoliate by rubbing off the dead skin. The exfoliating ingredients specifically are usually coarse and visible within a bar of soap or body wash. Take care when choosing a scrub that you do not use a harsh exfoliate on sensitive skin. A harsh scrub, for example, can potentially damage the skin on your face. Look for directions on the box of the scrub to ensure you have the right scrub for the right part of the body.


Follow the directions on the scrub’s box or bottle. Some scrubs can simply be rinsed off right after applying to your skin. As you rinse, the exfoliating ingredients pull off the dead skin from your body.


Wait for the scrub to mostly dry – not dry completely – and rub the scrub around your body. This way, the coarse exfoliating ingredients have a chance to pull off the dead skin more completely.


Rinse off the scrub as you would normally rinse off lather during a shower or bath. Leaving the scrub on for too long can cause your skin to dry.


Repeat Steps 1 through 5 at least twice a month for the optimal effect. Remember that your body creates tens of thousands of new skin cells every day, and skin is constantly dying and potentially clogging pores all over your body.

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