How to Restore Moisture in Leftover Cake

Some cake domes are inadequate for keeping cakes moist, as they can't form airtight seals.

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Like most baked goods, cakes contain a great deal of moisture that needs to be maintained to keep the cake from going stale. Staleness usually occurs when the water content of food eventually evaporates away. Many prepackaged foods are packaged in such a way to avoid this type of scenario, in addition to being loaded with chemical preservatives. Luckily, there is a natural way to keep your cake moist without using chemicals.

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Place any leftover cake you have inside of a plastic or glass cake dome. Plastic cake domes are preferable because they come in two pieces that lock together, creating an airtight seal that helps retain moisture.


Cut some apple slices or slices of bread and place these in the cake dome with the leftover cake. The slight evaporation of the moisture of the apple or bread slices is transferred to the cake because the sealed dome keeps the moisture from escaping into the air, as it normally would.


Remove the apple/bread slices after 24 hours, replenishing whenever necessary. This will not keep your cake moist indefinitely, but will keep leftovers moist for a week or more.

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