My GE Washer Is Leaking Soap From the Pedestal

Print this articleMany GE front-load washing machines are designed to be installed on a pedestal to provide storage beneath. If the washing machine is leaking soap from the pedestal, there is a problem to address.

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Most front-load washing machines are energy-efficient and require the use of high efficiency (HE) laundry detergent. If traditional detergent is used instead of HE detergent, the detergent may foam up excessively and cause a water leak from the bottom of the door. This water can drain down the front of the unit and over the pedestal. The use of too much HE detergent can also cause this problem. Select a “Rinse and Drain” cycle and push “Start” to remove the soap and drain the extra water.

Pump Filter

Several GE washing machines have a pump filter access door in the lower portion of the front of the washing machine. If the pump filter gets clogged, water and soap can leak out of the pump filter access door and over the pedestal. Open the pump access door and unscrew the filter cap, remove the filter and allow the filter to drain into a dish. Wipe out the filter housing and remove debris inside, such as coins, pens or other items that have worked into the pump filter, and reassemble.


The detergent dispenser can get clogged if too much detergent is used or the wrong types of detergent are used in the wrong compartments. Pour laundry detergent, fabric softener and/or liquid chlorine bleach into the properly marked compartments in the dispenser and follow product directions for the amount to be used. Do not use powdered soap or bleach or liquid color-safe bleach in the dispenser, as this can cause clogging, leaking and oversudsing.

Water Connections

Loose hose connections on the back of the unit can leak, sending water onto the pedestal. Check the connections and tighten as needed. Check the hose washers, as well, and replace if they're dried up or broken.

Service Needed

If water and soap continue to leak from the pedestal after troubleshooting methods have been attempted, contact GE for service. The washer pump may have a leak and will need to be inspected and possibly replaced.

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