How to Wash Pepper Oils From Skin

Jalepeno peppers pose a challenge to cooks when they burn the skin.

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Cooking peppers that are hot or spicy can be slightly hazardous. Care should be taken as pepper oils can cause some real discomfort or even pain. The best way to handle such kitchen issues is to prevent them. Wear rubber or plastic gloves when working with hot peppers of any kind. Latex allows the capsaicin to seep through so these gloves are not good protection against burning sensations.

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Wash with warm soapy water.


Apply rubbing alcohol to the affected area first.


Soak skin in milk or another dairy product after washing with rubbing alcohol.


Rub the burning area with olive oil; if you don't have olive oil, substitute vegetable oil. Leave the oil on the skin for a few minutes.


Apply a thick paste of baking soda and water and allow to dry if you don't have a dairy product or oil.

Tips & Warnings

Placing a cut tomato on the skin may also be soothing.

If pepper oil gets into the eyes, rinse with cool water.

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