Is Castile Soap Better for Children?

Bath time should be fun, not a time to worry.

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Many parents are vigilant about shielding their children from unhealthful and possibly harmful ingredients in food as well as the everyday products they’re exposed to. Products with all-natural ingredients are high on the list of what parents want their children to use, and Castile soap fits that category. For both children and adults, it’s touted as a healthier choice -- because of what it doesn't contain -- than conventional soaps.

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“True” Castile soap, which originated in Spain, is made from olive oil and contains no artificial ingredients. Today, although the name “Castile” encompasses any soap that’s made from vegetable oil – coconut and jojoba are commonly used – it’s still free of chemicals and animal fats. It’s used to wash skin and hair in bar form. In liquid form it's used as shaving cream, laundry and dishwashing soaps and pet shampoo.

Conventional Soap Ingredients

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