How to Moisturize Dreads With Oils

Dreadlocks can look good even in a business setting.

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Dreadlocks are popular with a wide variety of people, including both the religious, such as those who belong to the Rastafarian faith, and the nonreligious, such as those who enjoy the aesthetics of dreadlocks. Maintaining dreadlocks isn't easy, however, because dreadlocks usually stay in their lock form and are washed and conditioned in their lock form. A light application of oil, then, is a good way to moisturize dreadlocks.

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Spray some oil on your fingers or dip your fingers in the oil.


Massage the oil into the locks with the pads of your fingers.


Apply more oil to your fingers and continue to massage oil into all of the locks in this way.


Apply oil to the scalp and the roots of the hair in the same way.

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Spray your hair with an aerosol or spritzer oil.


Massage and rub the oil into your air. Also, try bunching and scrunching the hair to help the oil penetrate the locks.


Spray some oil on your hands and massage your scalp and the roots of your hair.

Tips & Warnings

Moisturize your dreadlocks once a day to keep your hair optimally moisturized.

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