How to Make a Romantic Bubble Bath for My Boyfriend

Treat your boyfriend to a romantic bath with homemade bubble bath.

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If you are looking for a romantic homemade gift for your boyfriend, bubble bath is a great choice. Making bubble bath at home requires only a few simple ingredients. You select the scent by adding essential oils. Pure essential oils, sold at most health food stores and online, make a fragrant addition to homemade bubble bath.

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Put the water, castile soap and coconut oil in a large bowl and mix well. The coconut oil gives the bubble bath its foamy texture; you can replace it with the same amount of glycerine if desired.


Add 5 drops of your choice of pure essential oils. Choose an oil that is known for its love or romance qualities, such as rose, jasmine, clary sage or lavender. You can also combine scents, but do not use more than 5 total drops. Mix well after adding the oils.


Pour the finished bubble bath into an empty bottle, which can be an old bubble bath or shampoo bottle or one you buy new. Make a label with its contents and the scent that is included, adding a special message to your boyfriend on the label.

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