The Top Ways to Keep Your Face Moisturized

Keeping your face properly moisturized can be easily accomplished.

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With the chemicals, harsh cleansers and makeup used today, keeping your face properly moisturized takes some effort, and knowing the top ways to keep it moisturized is the first step. For the most part, any ordinary skin lotion will not do, as your face has special moisturizing needs of its own. Finding the right product to match your skin type, as well as the proper cleanser, helps keep your face moisturized and looking its best.

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Many harsh cleansers exist on today's market, which will strip your face of essential oils. When deciding on the proper facial cleanser, do not use bar soap, and substitute gentler options that do not remove what is supposed to be there. Sometimes the old standbys worked all along, such as cold cream products such as Pond's and Noxema. These are gentle cleansers that deep clean and remove stubborn makeup.

Moisturizing Techniques

Different skin types determine the type of moisture to use. Oily skin needs a water-based moisturizer, so no excess oil is applied, which compounds the problem. Dry skin calls for an oil-based moisturizer, while sensitive skin does better with hypo-allergenic moisturizers.
Apply moisturizer after cleaning your face and lightly patting dry with a towel. Skin acts similar to a sponge, and when dirt buildup is removed, it is open to absorbing moisturizer. Also, do not over moisturize as this clogs pores.

Recommended Moisturizing Ingredients

Basic ingredients to look for in a top moisturizer include Vitamins A and E, which help moisturize as well as strengthen skin. Moisturizers with sunscreen protection of SPF 15 also help fight the damaging effects of the sun. Another natural moisturizing option is olive oil, used as a moisturizer for thousands of years. Extra-virgin oil can be applied directly, or used through one of the many olive-oil based products available. Alpha-Hydroxy acid is another ingredient to look for when selecting a moisturizer for extremely dry or elderly skin.

Top Moisturizing Products

Members of the iVillage Network rated their top 10 moisturizing products, with the four best being: La Mer, Creme de la Mer, Olay Total Effects, Estee Lauder Idealist, and Mary Kay Day Solution. An effective anti-aging moisturizer recommended for all skin types is Dermalastyl-β. When choosing the top way to keep your face moisturized, always look for the products that match your basic skin type.

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