How to Do Barely There Makeup

Barely there makeup shows natural beauty.

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Though some looks, such as Gothic and Emo styles, require heavy makeup to pull off, many women seek a more natural look. While a plain, washed face may not be what you have in mind, you can still enhance your features while maintaining that fresh, healthy appearance that bare skin communicates. Even though healthy habits, like eating well and drinking plenty of water, will help to give your skin a healthy and natural glow, barely there makeup tips will help you wear your makeup instead of letting your makeup wear you.

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Wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser and dry your face using a plain white paper towel. Because some detergent products may have a negatvie effect on your skin, using a plain white paper towel that is free of dyes and detergent chemicals may improve your skin's health.


Place tiny dabs of liquid concealer on problem areas of your face. Do not use too much concealer, as it will give you a caked, heavy look. Rub the concealer on in circular motions. Make sure that the foundation matches your skin tone exactly so that it blends in. Add face powder if you desire. Use light amounts and apply in circular motions.


Apply a light amount of blush to your cheekbones. Use a creme blush for a more natural look. The colors should be warm, instead of bold. Light pinks and peaches work nicely for most skin types. Blend the blush with your finger tips, using only small amounts.


Apply a layer of neutral-colored eyeshadow with a brush applicator. Browns, beiges and cream colors create a more natural look. Then, apply eyeliner in dots along the upper lash line for extra definition. Use a brown or gray liner for a more bare look.


Apply two coats of flake-proof mascara to your upper eyelids. Avoid using black mascara unless desired. Instead, use brown or dark brown mascara to enhance the lashes while still looking bare and natural.


Use a lip stain that matches the natural color of your lips, or go just a shade brighter. Apply lip balm or a light lip gloss over the stain to make your lips look softer and more lush.

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