How to Remove Solidified Poloxamer

Print this articlePoloxamer is an indirect food additive that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be used in sanitation products that have incidental contact with food. It is a polymer added to many skin-care and health products, including skin creams, shampoos and contact cleaning solutions. As a product containing poloxamer dries, it may solidify or form a film on the surface on which it touches. Remove the film by hydrating the dried poloxamer. Depending on the item on which the product has dried, the solidified poloxamer product is removed using a different method.

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Soak a clean cloth with warm water.


Rub the cloth on the area of skin on which the product containing poloxamer is dried. The moisture will hydrate the dried product, making it removable.


Wipe your skin with a clean cloth to remove the product.


Wash your skin with warm water and soap. Rinse your skin under warm water.

Contact Lenses1

Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Rinse your hands thoroughly before handling the contact.


Lay the contact lens in the palm of your hand.


Squeeze a small amount of multipurpose contact solution into your palm, on top of the contact. Use enough solution to moisten the contact. Multipurpose solution is used to clean and store contacts, and is purchased at drug stores, retail stores, markets and eye doctor offices.


Rub the contact between your thumb and index finger. The solution will hydrate the dried-on product. Some brands and styles of contacts should not be rubbed with contact solution. Consult the box or ask your eye doctor if you are unsure.


Squeeze more contact solution onto the contact to rinse away the residue from the old dried-on product.


Fill the compartments of contact lens case with contact solution.


Drop the contact into one of the compartments and close the lid. Keeping the contact stored in the solution prevents it from drying out.

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