How to Disconnect the Moisture Sensor in My Samsung Dryer

Print this articleWhen you are running your Samsung dryer, the moisture sensor, located in the control panel, is used to determine any moisture left within in the unit so that your clothes are adequately dried. If your clothes are not fully drying in a normal cycle then you may want to inspect the moisture sensor by removing from the control panel and seeing if there is any damage to the part such a dents or broken pieces.

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Move your Samsung dryer away from the wall and then disconnect the power supply from the wall outlet.


Remove the screws from the back cover panel and then remove the two screws from the top panel.


Slide the top cover toward the back and then lift up the top panel. Remove the panel from the dryer.


Remove the screws on the control panel and then open the control panel. Locate the moisture sensor cover, which is white cover with black sensor part located on the side of the control panel.


Remove the screw from the sensor cover and lift the sensor cover off of the side of the control panel. Disconnect the wire connections to the cover.


Remove the screws from the black moisture sensor on the front cover, then remove the moisture sensor from the cover.

Tips & Warnings

Inspect the moisture sensor for any damage and replace the part if necessary.

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