How to Apply Moisture to an Afro

Keep your afro hydrated.

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The Afro is an iconic hairstyle among African-American men and women. It started out as a political statement in the 1970s and has come in and out of popularity since then. As African-American hair is prone to dryness more than other hair types, it's crucial to apply moisture to an Afro to keep it in good condition. Keep in mind that adding too much moisture will make your Afro fall flat.

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Squeeze a nickel-sized amount of a moisturizing shampoo into your hands. Massage it into the scalp. Rinse out with warm water. Shampoo your Afro only two times per week.


Put a quarter-sized amount of conditioner in your hands. Smooth it on your hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse out thoroughly. Use conditioner after every time that you shampoo your hair.


Pour a pea-sized amount of grapeseed oil into the palms of your hands. Gently run the oil through the ends of the Afro, working your way towards your scalp.


Distribute the oil through your hair using a wide-tooth comb. Start at the nape of your neck and comb through the hair. Work your way up to the crown of the head and towards the front.

Tips & Warnings

Cover your hair with a satin scarf before going to bed.

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