How to Cut Blocks of Homemade Soap

Use a soap cutter to cut soap bars evenly.

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After making cold- or hot-process soap, you pour it into a soap mold to set for 24 to 48 hours. When you remove your soap from the mold, you will have a large block of soap that needs to cure by drying. The curing process gives the soap time for the lye in the soap to completely react out of the finished product. To allow the soap to cure before use, cut the block into smaller bars. Carefully cut these bars to ensure the sides come out straight and even, giving the bars a professional look.

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Put on gloves; recently made soap from a mold may still be caustic and irritating to the touch before it cures.


Place the block of soap on a flat surface covered with wax paper. Measure the length and width of the block.


Divide the block into rectangular loaves, if necessary. Standard soap bars are approximately 3-by-2 1/2-by-1 inches in size. If the length of the block is more than 3 inches, divide it into approximately 3-inch segments. Score the block with the knife and the ruler into two or more segments, depending on its size.


Cut the block into rectangular loaves with a sharp knife or soap cutter, following the scoring lines.


Divide your rectangular soap loaves into 1-inch segments, scoring each along the ruler to make straight lines.


Cut the rectangular loaves into 1-inch segments with a soap cutter, following the scoring lines while holding the loaf in place. You can hold the loaves in place with a miter box to get a more even cut for each one.


Put the bars aside on wax paper to cure for four to six weeks. Turn each bar over for even circulation of air each week.

Tips & Warnings

You can purchase special soap-cutting boxes that hold the soap blocks in place.

Standard soap molds usually make blocks of soap that are 3 inches in length and 7 to 8 inches in width for easy division and cutting.

To make custom-sized bars, divide the length or width of the block by the number of bars in the size you want, then score and cut the bars accordingly.

Soap-making supply stores sell soap cutters, specific for cutting bars of soap.

Allow the bars to cure completely before using to prevent skin irritation.

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